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 Instructions for Mentors

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Daniel Nadolny

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Instructions for Mentors Empty
PostSubject: Instructions for Mentors   Instructions for Mentors EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 11:02 am

Hi Everyone,

Here are the instructions for mentors:

1. Find someone who is new to the game. Looking in companies who hire skill 0 citizens may be a good way.

2. Send me a PM with the name(s) of the citizens you'd like to contact.

3. Wait for me to message you back, clearing that nobody else is mentoring the new people you found.

4. Contact your citizen(s), with the information in the following letter. Feel free to change the letter and personalize it, but the major points should be included.

5. Send me a pm once you've heard back from the new citizen.

6. Help answer any questions they have/share any information you find valuable!

As the program progresses, I'll update these instructions to include a list of other things you may want to talk about, aside from the initial letter.

Also, for now I'm not setting an official limit to how many citizens you can contact. One or two would be great, but if you want to do more and aren't overstretching yourself, that should be fine.

Here's the first letter as it currently stands:

Quote :
Welcome to eRepublik! I'm part of a mentorship program that the Canadian Green Party has set up for new citizens. I'll be here to help answer any questions you have, and to share some tips for new players, if you're interested.

Check out the eRepublik wiki:
And the forums for eCanada:

One of the first things you should do is keep your wellness above 40. You gain wellness by eating (which you do automatically at the start of each day, as long as you have food in your inventory), by receiving gifts and by going to a hospital. You'll be able to go to the hospital after you reach level 5. You can go only once a day, as long as you have fought in a war that day, but it's a great way to gain wellness fast.

Once you've joined the Canadian forums, take a look at this page: Canada has a health program, which costs only $1 per wellness, so if you're falling below 40, or just want a boost, check them out!

Also, you can send a message to Immigration Canada about the new Canadian bursary. After you spend a few days working, send them a message asking for the bursary, and they'll send you $15 for being a new Canadian citizen!

Later on, you might be interested in joining a political party. The Canadian Green Party is very welcoming of new members - we're one of the newer parties, and have made new Canadians one of our priorities. If you want to check out the Green Party forum, it's at You can find some of the other parties in Canada by clicking here:

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

Good luck and happy mentoring - you have just surpassed Plato!
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Instructions for Mentors
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