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 Adasko for o CGP Presidential Nominee August '09

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Adasko for o CGP Presidential Nominee August '09 Empty
PostSubject: Adasko for o CGP Presidential Nominee August '09   Adasko for o CGP Presidential Nominee August '09 EmptyThu Jul 30, 2009 7:02 am

I heard you guys need a presidential candidate for August... Well, I drop my hat (which is not stone and not a Fedora)

On the 26th I was ready to support Jacobi with my whole heart, for another term. However the battle for Alberta has made me rethink the current executive branch, which is unfortunately ineffective. Therefore, I wish to provide the Canadians with an alternative choice for the elections, which is much needed. I'm not going to make a long presentation, however I will post the most important ideas and Cabinet in this mini-presentation.


I plan on starting peace talks with PEACE countries. Why? Currently We are in a mate in three, situation, having just lost our second most important provine. Canada needs a rest from constant attacks from PEACE. We need to rebuild our country. I believe in self-preservation, which is most important to our nation currently. Canada should ALWAYS be our priority when it comes to international affairs, however cynical it might not sound. And this theoretically egoistic position is actually the most patriotic stance imaginable. Furthermore I plan on making NoIdeas baby-boom plan an official plan for Canada, and a official duty for the Ministry of Immigration Volounteers (as per MoImm reform). A break is needed! We need to reconstruct, instead of sinking deeper in this self-destructive war.

However I have to say, I do not want to head for surrender. I want to start peace talks, that will guarantee Us receiving at least some of our most important regions back. If PEACE won't be able to do that, I will fight them. That is why I have Bruck and JT Vanguard at the Ministry of Defense.

Further more, I believe Canada should connect the baby-boom with very popular media mogul plans, that'd give the country some money,that is most needed at the moment.


I believe our politics were recently too mono-thematic, concentrating fully on the war effort, not remembering about the other important issues, such as Justice, or helping the New Citizen, thus I plan on reopening the eCanadian University, with AngryMobMan, a person who has been creating a new University for a long time now, as newly appointed citizen Minister of Education, and restarting the Ministry of Immigration reform, including the Buddy (or Mentor if you wish) program. This education will help our new citizens become successful eRepublikans, and guarantee that our future generations will be skilled, and know what is best for their country.

These are just the entry pointers, for the Platform I plan to build sharing it with you, the members. After all I would be your Candidate, instead of you being my supporters. And here's the Cabinet:

Deputy Prime Minister(s) - Scorpius and Citizen B - This might be treated as a surprise, however I do know that Scorpius's and Citizen B's dedication, and attention to detail can bring alot of good in to our Cabinet.

Minister of Defense - Bruck/JT Vanguard - I don't think this is a surprising choice. Bruck is really greatly experienced in Defensive matters, and in-case of the war coming back to haunt Us, or a inability to make peace, he will obviously be the best person for the job. However, if he still has activity problems JT Vanguard will become MoD with Bruck retaining the Deputy spot

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Tantis - Well, it's obvious that marcch has been doing great as MoFA, but I think he really needs a break from politics, at least for the holidays.

Minister of Finance - Dean22 - Dean22's economic mind, has been a great asset for Canada since he got back to Congress, and I would like to see him back as minister of Finance, stabilising our trade, hopefully, after the war.

Minister of Revenue - merged with Finance

Minister of Industries - Kelly Mahoney - Well, it's an unfortunate drop from dPM to MoInd, however, We need someone experienced on this post, so I think Kelly would be perfect for the job Smile

Director of the CSIS - Volsung - Volsung has been doing a great job throughout his career in the CSIS, and I believe marcch needs a rest from all the duties he's been given, thus, Volsung's nomination.

Minister of Justice - Scorpius - Scorpius has obviously been a great AG before his Vacation, and he's a great a great dMoJ now, so to his dPM duties, I add the MoJ duties

Minister of Communication -Nosyt - If I remember correctly dabman said something about being unable to do MoComm in August. If that is true, Nosyt, who's really a great eCanadian, dedicated to whatever he does, will take his place.

Minister of Education - AngryMobMan - AngryMobMan has been doing a time consuming job, creating a new University. We need to educate new members, if We're going to do anything with a baby boom.

Minister of Immigration - Citizen B - Citizen B is a magician when it comes to recruitment, and let's hope he use that magic once again to get us citizens, however he will be assisted by:
Deputy Minister of Immigration, Baby-Boom Coordinator - NoIdea - NoIdea has created the baby-boom plan, and most certainly deserves this post, and a group of volounteers to coordinate.

MInister of Heritage and Official Languages - Eldorino - Eldorino along with Christian Doe were the most active Francophones in Canada, for a long time now. They deserve another term for their team.

Auditor General - Petz - Of course, petz has been doing a great job and his fruitful analysis really helped Congress and Cabinet all the way. He definetely deserves being back. Smile

Minister without Portfolio - Banach - Banach's presidential experience and intelligence made him an asset to eCanada. This is why he gets this advisory position within the Government.
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Adasko for o CGP Presidential Nominee August '09
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